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This is a list of issues encountered in the game, until the actual issue tracker is set up.

Legend: Tags such as "p6hf19" stand for e.g. "Patch 6, Hotfix 19" which indicates as of which version the issue was last observed.

The explanations of some issues may contain spoilers.

Bugs and Glitches[edit]


See Notes section of each linked item


  • (p6hf19) Characters have a strange gleam on their eyelids sometimes.
  • (p6hf19) Skipping sections of dialogue (by hitting Space) can cause the animations to go out of sync.
  • (p6hf19) Tiefling tails still glitchy.
  • (p6hf00) Vulkan API on Linux causes striping textures. A ticket has been sent to Larian, please use DirectX API for now. VulkanAPI works on Patch 5 and below. Issue persistant since Patch 6 went live.


Companions / Camp[edit]
  • (p6hf19) If you don't camp often and advance enough in the story, Gale will tell you what his condition is before the initial dialogue about him needing to consume magical artefacts. Then, when that dialogue occurs, he will speak as if he didn't yet tell you what his condition is.
  • (p6hf19) When you open the sarcophagus in the Overgrown Ruins and have the dialogue with the Lich resulting in him saying he will see you soon, then later talk to him in the camp, there's an option to say "I found an empty sarcophagus in the ruins, is that where you come from?" even though he had come out of it right in front of your eyes.
  • (p6hf19) If you find Philomeen after already having cleared up the rubble trapping Neere, there's no suitable dialogue options. (Regardless of whether you helped Neere or killed him; there should be options for both situations.)

Feature Requests[edit]

User interface[edit]

  • (p6hf19) Action bar needs to be vastly improved; it's very frustrating that almost everything (skills, abilities, spells, items) is mushed together in the "quick slots" part of the action bar. Ideas:
    • Put weapon-specific actions in pop-up menus that appear when clicking the corresponding weapon icon.
    • Remove the indicators for how many spells of each level you've left; add buttons that show this information and can be clicked to open a spell menu for that level. Correspondingly, replace the Arcane Recovery Charge icon with a button to invoke it.
    • Add a number of buttons for various pop-up menus: cantrips, non-weapon equipment abilities, scrolls, potions, etc.
  • (p6hf19) The drag-and-drop mechanics of the party composition widget are very cumbersome. As in, it's difficult to find the right spot where you have to drop an avatar to make the player stick to the group or enter a certain position. It also seems impossible to reorder characters that aren't grouped.
  • (p6hf19) It's too easy to accidentally break Concentration by casting another spell that requires it. Ideas:
    • Some sort of icon, like a 'C', on the spell's icon.
    • A warning in the spell's tooltip, such as: "This will cancel current spell: xyz."
    • Maybe even a confirmation dialog (probably overkill).
  • (p6hf19) When your natural roll already meets the difficulty class, skip the addition of bonuses.
  • (p6hf19) Characters are sometimes a bit too willing to walk into their death: walking down a cliff, walking into lava, etc.
  • (p6hf19) Somehow improve the situation with keys. We end up with dozens of keys in our inventory with no idea about which ones we might still need. Ideas:
    • Add keys to a special "keychain" part of the inventory where they take up no space.
    • Make keys disappear on use. (But what happens when you pick the lock, and later find the key?)
  • (p6hf19) For some classes, Level 2 doesn't seem to show up in their character sheet if they're level 2 or higher.