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Welcome to the unofficial Baldur's Gate 3 Community Wiki!

You may edit without registering an account, but it's recommended to do so, especially if you don't want your IP address to be publicly visible!

The server can't send password reset emails, so take good care of your password! If there's a problem, contact the admin (Taylan) on the BG3Wiki Discord or Larian Studios Discord or via taylan dot kammer at Google's mail.


The World[edit]


  • Consumables (Ammunition, Camping Supplies, Potions, Scrolls)
  • Miscellaneous (Gemstones, Crafting Ingredients, Story Items, Tools, etc.)

Character Creation[edit]

Main page: Character Creation

Character Abilities[edit]

Main page: Character Abilities


  • Issues: A page listing all the known issues with the game (bugs, glitches, want-haves)

Copyright and Licensing[edit]

Unlike certain other wikis which claim copyright ownership over your contributions, any content you write for this wiki falls under the CC-BY-NC-SA license, meaning it becomes a public good for the whole community.

Hosting and Financing[edit]

This project is purely non-commercial and it will never shove ads in your face. It might ask for donations if it becomes pricey to host.