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If you want to help cover the monthly server hosting fee of the Baldur's Gate 3 Wiki, you can donate here.

Important information before you donate!

First of all:

  1. Payments go through the Ko-Fi account of Taylan, the wiki's founder and systems administrator.
  2. Taylan is hosting the wiki on a server from Hetzner Online GmbH, costing 55.57 EUR per month.
  3. On Taylan's Ko-Fi page, you will see a donation goal every year to cover that year's costs.
  4. Please don't send any more money after the yearly goal is reached.


  1. Taylan may also use the server for projects unrelated to the Baldur's Gate 3 Wiki.
  2. This generally demands a very small fraction of the server's available resources.
  3. To justify this, Taylan will cover 5.57 EUR (10%) of the monthly hosting fee.

This leaves a flat 50 EUR per month (600 EUR per year) to be covered by the Ko-Fi donations.

Lack of anonymity of donors

Please be aware that Ko-fi donations are not anonymous:

  1. You are not sending money to Ko-fi, but to Taylan's PayPal account, using the Ko-fi interface.
  2. At the time of this writing, Ko-fi supports PayPal and Stripe as the actual payment processors.
  3. PayPal and Stripe both share your legal name, and email address, with the recipient (Taylan).
  4. If anonymity is important to you, you could donate through a third party, or choose not to donate.

See Ko-fi's privacy policy and terms of use for more details.

OK, I want to donate

Please don't donate if the yearly goal shown on the Ko-Fi page has already been reached:

Go to Taylan's Ko-Fi page