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The guide namespace is where users can create and edit guides on BG3Wiki. These pages use different rules from the rest of the wiki, and can be accessed via the index.

Whereas the main wiki space documents the game, the Guide namespace offers strategy and advice. BG3Wiki has both community guides and user guides.

Community guides

Community guides are collaborative guides written by the BG3Wiki community, and follow guidelines much like ordinary wiki articles.

Most community guides should be named after their respective article. Template:Guidenote can be used on a wiki article to link to its respective community guide.

Community guides may be more subjective than ordinary wiki articles, but they are still regulated by consensus – the general Editing Policy still applies.

Duplicate community guides as well as community guides that are considered to be of poor quality or that lack notability may still be removed, just like regular wiki articles.

User guides

User guides are guides written by individual users, and have special exceptions that set them apart from the rest of the wiki:

  • User guides must be indicated as such using Template:Guide at the top of the page. This will be auto-generated when you create the page.
  • Feel free to use whatever style you find preferable when creating a guide. Do not feel limited by the Style Guide.
  • When creating a guide, you can indicate on your guide that you'd prefer it if other users didn't edit it.
    • Other users are still free to copy your guide, as long as they give you credit.
  • Guides must still follow the wiki's copyright policy.

How to create guides

To create a Guide, simply create an article name with Guide:. For example, Guide:How to use torches.

Do not remove the {{Guide}} template that will be generated on the guide page.

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