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The Reactions menu panel

Reaction Icon 2.png Reaction is one type of Resource available to characters during a combat round. Reactions allow characters to execute various abilities, such as Attack of Opportunity or casting certain Spells (those which cost a Reaction).

Unlike Actions and Bonus Actions, many Reactions are executed outside of a character's turn.

Characters normally receive one Reaction per combat round. Reaction settings can be configured in the Reactions menu panel (default hotkey: L).

List of Reactions[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

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As of Early Access Patch 9:

  • Some passive features, like Great Weapon Master: All In, are described as 'Reactions' but do not actually consume the Reaction resource.
  • Some Reactions, like Attack of Opportunity, do not appear in the Reactions menu and can only be toggled from the Passives tab on the hotbar.