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This page contains other/NPC Head Models. These heads are not found in BG3's Character Creator. For heads that are found in the Character Creator, see Guide:Head Models.

Information on using this resource[edit | edit source]

To use this resource, make sure you have BG3 Modder's Multitool, and that you have the Models.pak unpacked. Navigate to the folder your multitool is in, and then locate the UnpackedData folder. This is where you will find all of these head models. The specific file paths for each race are above each table for easy reference.

If you want to edit one of these heads to create a custom head, simply visit the .GR2 file path and import your preferred head into Blender using BG3/DOS Collada Exporter plugin.

If you want to make a race mod and add the heads below, add their VisualResourceID to CharacterCreationAppearanceVisuals.lsx.

If you are making a head based on one of these heads, and the edits aren't severe enough that you need to make a custom skeleton, use the SkeletonResource of the vanilla head for your VisualBank entry in your _merged.lsf.lsx.

Dwarves[edit | edit source]

NPC Name Asset Name VisualResourceID SkeletonResource Image
Elder A DWR_F_NKD_Elder_Head_A 918a8daf-b327-2167-22eb-93f709251821 32fd75b6-bc48-c6cc-1133-388ba9621f8a
DWR F NKD Elder Head A.jpg
Nettie DWR_F_NKD_Head_Nettie 9334fb24-ddca-5187-4152-9945b512ce17 12bd8cec-6659-bbd2-090c-ab56ee1bb892
DWR F NKD Head Nettie.jpg

Elves[edit | edit source]

NPC Name Asset Name VisualResourceID SkeletonResource Image
Arnell ELF_M_NKD_Head_Arnell
ELFM Arnell.jpg
Astarion ELF_M_NKD_Head_Astarion
ELFM Astarion.jpg
Cazador ELF_M_NKD_Head_Cazador
ELFM Cazador.jpg
Florrick ELF_F_NKD_Head_Florrick b9909bdc-a881-4f85-383b-c987aa4275f7 1448034c-89f0-14d4-1ed6-2b6d74afe530
ELF F NKD Head Florrick.jpg
Halsin ELF_MS_NKD_Head_Halsin
ELF M NKD Head Halsin.jpg
Kagha ELF_F_NKD_Head_Kagha 80481941-ae0c-03f2-5db0-255c65c4fed4 fd310969-e847-098b-3905-7b5e7d9c0f8a
ELF F NKD Head Kagha.jpg
Minthara ELF_F_NKD_Head_Minthara d3905dd1-d1fb-d315-0c84-5f877af24354 83f04012-daec-187e-1a14-a52eaa926bd5
ELF F NKD Head Minthara.jpg
Viconia ELF_F_NKD_Head_Viconia c2682e0a-19ef-2e20-9566-95560c7eafab 60dfa8a2-7ee7-f720-b10e-1b65ddb7cde3
ELF F NKD Head Viconia.jpg

Githyanki[edit | edit source]

NPC Name Asset Name VisualResourceID SkeletonResource Image
Lae'zel GTY_F_NKD_Head_Laezel 6193e8fd-4c37-79cd-b467-d7eaaea08da9 d3e7f6b1-6efd-7879-ad4b-363281dc3989
GTY F NKD Head Laezel.jpg
Vlaakith GTY_F_NKD_Head_Vlaakith
GTY F NKD Head Vlaakith.jpg
Elder A GTY_M_NKD_Elder_Head_A
GTY M NKD Elder Head A.jpg
Kithrak Voss GTY_M_NKD_Head_Kithrak_Voss
GTY M NKD Head Kithrak Voss.jpg
Kithrak Voss Scarred GTY_M_NKD_Head_Kithrak_Voss_Scarred
GTY M NKD Head Kithrak Voss Scarred.jpg
Orpheus GTY_M_NKD_Head_Orpheus
GTY M NKD Head Orpheus.jpg
Templar GTY_M_NKD_Head_Templar
GTY M NKD Head Templar.jpg

Gnomes[edit | edit source]

NPC Name Asset Name VisualResourceID SkeletonResource Image
Elder A GNO_M_NKD_Elder_Head_A
GNO M NKD Elder Head A.jpg
Barcus Wroot GNO_M_NKD_Head_Barcus_Wroot
GNO M NKD Head Barcus Wroot.jpg
Wulbren Bongle GNO_M_NKD_Head_Wulbren_Bongle
GNO M NKD Head Wulbren Bongle.jpg

Half-Elves[edit | edit source]

NPC Name Asset Name VisualResourceID SkeletonResource Image
Isobel HEL_F_NKD_Head_Isobel
HEL F NKD Head Isobel.jpg
Jaheira HEL_F_NKD_Head_Jaheira
HEL F NKD Head Jaheira.jpg
Shadowheart HEL_F_NKD_Head_Shadowheart b481d59c-842f-3bfe-519f-147c217a2696
HEL F NKD Head Shadowheart.jpg
Ketheric HEL_M_NKD_Head_Ketheric
HEL M NKD Head Ketheric.jpg

Halflings[edit | edit source]

NPC Name Asset Name VisualResourceID SkeletonResource Image
Elder A HFL_F_NKD_Elder_Head_A
HFL F NKD Elder Head A.jpg

Humans[edit | edit source]

NPC Name Asset Name VisualResourceID SkeletonResource Image
Elder A HUM_F_NKD_Elder_Head_A
HUM F NKD Elder Head A.jpg
Elder B HUM_F_NKD_Elder_Head_B
HUM F NKD Elder Head B.jpg
Emmeline HUM_F_NKD_Head_Emmeline
HUM F NKD Head Emmeline.jpg
Keene HUM_F_NKD_Head_Keene
HUM F NKD Head Keene.jpg
Mayrina HUM_F_NKD_Head_Mayrina
HUM F NKD Head Mayrina.jpg
Mizora HUM_F_NKD_Head_Mizora
HUM F NKD Head Mizora.jpg
Mystra HUM_F_NKD_Head_Mystra
HUM F NKD Head Mystra.jpg
Nightsong Old HUM_F_NKD_Head_Nightsong_OLD
HUM F NKD Head Nightsong OLD.jpg
Nightsong HUM_FS_NKD_Head_Nightsong
HUM FS NKD Head Nightsong.jpg
Ringmaster HUM_FS_NKD_Head_Ringmaster
HUM FS NKD Head Ringmaster.jpg
Abdirak HUM_M_NKD_Head_Abdirak
HUM M NKD Head Abdirak.jpg
Aradin HUM_M_NKD_Head_Aradin
HUM M NKD Head Aradin.jpg
Deva HUM_M_NKD_Head_Deva
HUM M NKD Head Deva.jpg
Dribbles HUM_M_NKD_Head_Dribbles
HUM M NKD Head Dribbles.jpg
Elminster HUM_M_NKD_Head_Elminster
HUM M NKD Head Elminster.jpg
Gale HUM_M_NKD_Head_Gale
HUM M NKD Head Gale.jpg
Gortash HUM_M_NKD_Head_Gortash
HUM M NKD Head Gortash.jpg
Lorroakan HUM_M_NKD_Head_Lorroakan
HUM M NKD Head Lorroakan.jpg
Oscar HUM_M_NKD_Head_Oscar
HUM M NKD Head Oscar.jpg
Raphael HUM_M_NKD_Head_Raphael
HUM M NKD Head Raphael.jpg
Rath HUM_M_NKD_Head_Rath
HUM M NKD Head Rath.jpg
Ravengard HUM_M_NKD_Head_Ravengard
HUM M NKD Head Ravengard.jpg
Volo HUM_M_NKD_Head_Volo
HUM M NKD Head Volo.jpg
Wyll HUM_M_NKD_Head_Wyll
HUM M NKD Head Wyll.jpg
Wyll Devil HUM_M_NKD_Head_Wyll_Devil
HUM M NKD Head Wyll Devil.jpg
Minsc HUM_MS_NKD_Head_Minsc
HUM MS NKD Head Minsc.jpg
Sarevok HUM_MS_NKD_Head_Sarevok
HUM MS NKD Head Sarevok.jpg

Tieflings[edit | edit source]

NPC Name Asset Name VisualResourceID SkeletonResource Image
Elder A TIF_F_NKD_Elder_Head_A
TIF F NKD Elder Head A.jpg
Karlach TIF_FS_NKD_Head_Karlach
TIF FS NKD Head Karlach.jpg
Karlach Old TIF_FS_NKD_Head_A
Elder B TIF_M_NKD_Elder_Head_B
TIF M NKD Elder Head B.jpg
Old A TIF_M_NKD_Head_Old_A
TIF M NKD Head Old A.jpg
Rolan TIF_M_NKD_Head_Rolan
TIF M NKD Head Rolan.jpg
Zevlor TIF_M_NKD_Head_Zevlor
TIF M NKD Head Zevlor.jpg