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Note on glitches in notes[edit source]

"Glitch as of Patch 6, Hotfix 19: Putting any piece of equipment into the Chest of the Mundane and taking it back out will permanently apply a glitch to them that prevents the item's tooltip from showing some of its properties (namely, the actions granted to the wearer), and makes the item difficult to equip: you won't be able to equip the item from its right-click menu, by double-clicking on it, or by dragging it into the correct slot. The only way to equip it will be to drag your currently equipped item in the corresponding slot onto the glitched item in your inventory. For example, if you want to equip the Mystra's Grace (which will have this glitch on them because you find them in the Chest of the Mundane in the first place), you have to be currently wearing any pair of boots, and then drag-and-drop your currently worn boots onto Mystra's Grace in your inventory, effectively swapping them in."

This has been patched as of August 17, 2023

Transform or Illusion?[edit source]

Since Patch 1 announced that the weight of items in the chest was changing, but this was a mistake, it can be assumed that the chest is only meant to create an illusion. However, the items themselves are not actually altered.