Chest of the Mundane

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Chest of the Mundane image

The Chest of the Mundane is a gilded chest that makes items in it appear to be mundane objects.

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Looking at this chest fills you with a suspiciously overwhelming feeling that there is absolutely nothing special about.


  • Containers
  • Rarity: Common
  •  Weight: 100 kg / 200 lb
  • Price: 1 gp

Where to find

The chest can be found on the northern balcony of the main floor of the Arcane Tower in the Underdark region of Chapter One. (The main floor is the one with the large main gate guarded by Arcane Turrets.)


  • Contains: Mystra's Grace, a Scroll of Mage Armor, a Scroll of Protection from Evil and Good, a Gold Ingot and a Hearthlight Bomb.
  • While it looks like a regular gilded chest, the Chest of the Mundane is actually a magical chest that makes any items stored in it appear to be completely mundane objects, such as a mug, ladle, plate, and so on. Its effects can be negated by the anti-magic aura of a Sussur Bloom, or by simply by taking the items out of it.
  • When the party first interacts with the chest by putting something in it or taking something out, the main character may remark that it is a "Chest of Transformation." Though irrelevant to game mechanics, it's unclear in terms of lore whether the chest merely creates an illusion upon the appearance of items stored within, or temporarily transforms them into a different physical object.
  • With Patch 1 of 08/25/2023, the chest has been modified. Items stored in it no longer change their weight to fit plates, cups.
  • The weight of the chest has been changed from 20 kg to 100 kg with Patch 1 of 08/25/2023.
  • If the party decides to put their gold inside the chest it will transform only 21 gold pieces leaving them with only 21 gold.