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Welcome to the Community Creator Corner.

Below is a list of content creators that cover Baldur's Gate 3 and have helped us with community outreach. Please check them out and help support the BG3 community.

These links are not necessarily endorsed by BG3Wiki, and views and opinions expressed by external creators are their own.


"This is a gaming channel with a twist of me, nothing out of the ordinary. Major focus is on RPGs but not exclusively if something catches my fancy. Lots of commentary and some lore videos. Welcome and enjoy the ride!"


"Covering all things Baldur's Gate 3, Total War, Crusader Kings 3, Mount & Blade, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, and Age of Sigmar."


"RPJames is your go to for RPG, Adventure, Open World and the like games news."


"An aspiring youtuber since I was very young, trying to keep the dream alive."


"Just a normal guy who likes to make guides for video games, typically RPGs."


"Do you love RPG's? Then this is the place for you."


"Here, you'll find a collection of Walkthroughs, Scenes, Tips & Tricks, Builds and Funny Moments all centered around the latest masterpiece from Larian Studios: Baldur's Gate 3."


"Like stupid stuff? Me too. Baldur's Gate 3 funny moments, bugs, clips and more. I mostly enjoy RPGs, CRPGs, MMOs, and plan on making videos on other games as well."


"I'm Joe Usual, a Gen X Gamer. I play primarily Survival Games, RPG's and MMORPG's."