Frightened (Condition Type)

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This page is about the condition type. For the condition, see Frightened (Condition).

Condition Type Icon.png Frightened is a type of Condition. Frightened Frightened is the representative condition for the type. Conditions that inflict Frightened generally have the following effects:

Removal[edit | edit source]

Fright can be removed with the following:

Prevention[edit | edit source]

Fright can be prevented with the following:

Ways to become frightened[edit | edit source]

Condition Effects

Abjure Enemy: Frightened (Condition) Abjure Enemy: Frightened

Fearful (Condition) Fearful

Frightened (Condition) Frightened

Heartform Terror: Ceremorphosis (Condition) Heartform Terror: Ceremorphosis

  • Overcome with the fear they've turned into an illithid, the affected entity cannot move or take actions.
    Condition Type Icon.pngFrightened

Meenlock Fear (Condition) Meenlock Fear

Missing Pets (Condition) Missing Pets

Phantasmal Killer (Condition) Phantasmal Killer

  • Affected entity is haunted by its worst nightmares.

Unnerved (Condition) Unnerved

  • This entity cannot take actions as their courage has been stifled by a ghost.
    Condition Type Icon.pngFrightened