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BG3Wiki is a collaborative, living project created and maintained by community volunteers. Don't be afraid to contribute – anyone can edit and contribute to BG3Wiki, no sign-up necessary! Proceed to Editing basics when you're ready.

Introduction to editing[edit | edit source]

Creating an account[edit | edit source]

Creating an account is an optional but recommended step. Once your account has a few edits, you won't need to solve CAPTCHA anymore. Editing using an account attributes wiki edits to your account. You can edit pages without an account, but your IP address will be publicly logged.

Sandboxes[edit | edit source]

Click Here to create your personal sandbox page. You can use this to learn how to edit, or simply to experiment. You are free to edit this page as much as you wish, it is disconnected from the rest of the wiki.

Join the Discord server[edit | edit source]

We recommend you join the BG3Wiki Discord to discuss wiki editing with other contributors. This is completely optional, but be aware many decisions are taken during live discussions, even though we recommend the use of the Discussion page for most content articles.

Policies and guidelines[edit | edit source]

BG3Wiki only has a few simple content rules. In addition to these, we also have an Editing policy and a Style manual, both with principles and practices that the wiki strives to adhere to. Reading these is not required to edit the wiki.

  • Editing policy: A set of guidelines and principles to follow when editing the wiki.
  • Style manual: The style and formatting guidelines for articles and files. If you're unsure about grammar, format or capitalisation, you can look it up here!
  • Verification: BG3Wiki relies on verification to ensure readers can know where in the game information on the wiki comes from.

Other namespaces[edit | edit source]

There are other types of pages that use different guidelines and principles than the rest of the wiki.

Guides[edit | edit source]

The Guide namespace is where users can create and edit guides on BG3Wiki.

To create a Guide, simply start an article name with Guide:. For example, Guide:How to use torches.

Modding[edit | edit source]

The Modding namespaces is all about modding, such as how to create and use mods.

To create a Modding page, simply start an article name with Modding:. For example, Modding:How to use mods.

Additional resources[edit | edit source]