Larian Studios

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Larian Studios

Larian logo.png
Larian Studios logo as of 2023

Founded 1996
Founder Swen Vincke
Headquarters Gent, Belgium
Locations 6

Larian Studios is a Belgian video game developer and publisher founded in 1996 by Swen Vincke. The company is currently developing Baldur's Gate 3. Previous to Baldur's Gate, its most known games were the Divinity series, particularly Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Original Sin II, which earned over 300 awards in total. Larian has been using the Early Access funding and development model since the former.

As of 2023, Larian Studios has studios in Gent, Quebec, Dublin, Kuala Lumpur, Guildford, and Barcelona.

Games developed[edit | edit source]