Legendary Action: Murderous Retort

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Legendary Action: Murderous Retort is a passive feature that lets its user use a Legendary action Murderous Retort Murderous Retort to strike back at attackers.


Once per round, Orin or Sarevok can use their Legendary Action to immediately strike back at their attacker.

If Deathbringer's Legacy Deathbringer's Legacy is active, they use Deathbringer's Assault (Saravok) Deathbringer's Assault (Saravok) or Deathbringer's Assault (Orin) Deathbringer's Assault (Orin) instead.

Legendary Actions restore at the start of each round.

Condition: Legendary Action: Murderous Retort

Legendary Action: Murderous Retort Legendary Action: Murderous Retort

How to learn

Used by creatures: Orin, and Sarevok