Orb of Negation

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Orb of Negation is an action available to The Netherbrain. It creates several floating orbs which will deal 20~200Damage TypesForce damage to everything within range at the end of the next round.


The Grand Design cannot be disrupted - manifest an orb of Netherese arcana that explodes on its turn, obliterating everything within range.


 Range: 30 m / {{{range ft}}} ft

Condition: Marked for Negation

Marked for Negation Marked for Negation

Duration: 1 turn

  • The affected entity is within range of the Netherbrain's Orb of Negation.
  • The orb will explode on its turn, dealing 20~200Damage TypesForce damage.

How to learn

Used by creatures: The Netherbrain

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