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Political Influence Plan is a set of Banite orders, drafted by Gortash.

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Gortash's plan to earn influence within the higher circle of Baldur's Gate.


  • Books
  • Rarity: Common
  • Weight: 0.1 kg / 0.1 lb
  • Price: 14 gp


Parliamentary Action Plan, Current Tenday -

Concentrate efforts on the following patriars, as noted below:

1. Duke Dillard Portyr - Though Dillard Portyr sits on the Ducal Council, he would make a poor puppet, as his wits are failing and his will is weak. He is, however, a coward, so direct threats should suffice to persuade him to resign his council seat in favour of his niece, Liara Portyr. Once tadpoled, Blaze Liara will be a powerful addition to our roster of patriars.

2. Lord Raylen Jannath - The Jannath family's mining interests make Lord Raylen a primary target of Banite capture. Raylen is foolishly proud, and has been conducting an affair with a rent goblin in Little Calimshan, which makes him vulnerable to blackmail, as he will do almost anything to avoid exposure. Instruct Ettvard Needle to publish an article with hints about the affair that will be meaningful to Raylen, and then leave a much more detailed anonymous note in his Upper City bedroom. That should make him pliable.

Lady Ruth Linnacker - Our sources indicate the Linnackers have recently received windfall payments from their Tethyrian gem mines, cash that we could use better than they will. Abduct Lady Ruth's granddaughter, Fariza Linnacker, and hold her in the Upper City safe house until her grandmother meets our ransom demands.

See to this immediately

- Lord Gortash