Ring of Shadows

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The Ring of Shadows is an uncommon Ring that grants its wearer the ability to cast Pass Without Trace once per Long Rest.

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For some, darkness is wielded like a black opal stud embedded in a signet ring - fashioned to a sharp and unforgiving point.


  • Rings Rings
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  •  Weight: 0.05 kg / 0.1 lb
  • Price: 70 gp
  • UID MAG_PassWithoutTrace_Ring
    UUID c0bce741-9829-49c5-9778-426f2b00a642


The wearer of this item gains:

Where to find

Act Two: Hide and Seek quest reward by Oliver, House with Flowers in Shadow-Cursed Lands. Can also be obtained by knocking him out or through pick-pocketing at the exact moment the encounter becomes a tactical turn based encounter and before he vanishes or if you can see invisible creatures. Pick-pocketing him does not seem to change how he interacts with the player.