Salts of Musk Creeper

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Salts of Musk Creeper image

Salts of Musk Creeper is an Alchemical Extraction made by grinding three Yellow Musk Creeper Petals that can be combined with any Suspension to create Potion of Superior Healing.

Description Icon.png
While alive, yellow musk creepers feed on humanoid corpses, turning them into zombies, but in the hands of a skilled alchemist, their petals can be used for good.


  • Alchemical Extracts
  • Single Use
  • Rarity: Common
  • Weight: 0.1 kg / 0.2 lb
  • Price: 20 gp
  • UID ALCH_Extract_YellowMuskCreeper
    UUID fdf1889d-ae81-43a9-8848-74c6edea2b37