Spider Queen's Wrath

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Spider Queen's Wrath is a free action available to the Phase Spider Matriarch. It gives her the condition Spider Queen's Wrath Spider Queen's Wrath, which gives her an additional action per turn, +2 Strength and Resistance to physical damage.


Increase Strength by 2, while Armour Class Armour Class is reduced by 1.

On Tactician Difficulty: Gain one additional attack per turn. Increase Strength by 2 and grant Resistance to physical damage.


 Range: Self
Recharge: per battle

Condition: Spider Queen's Wrath

Spider Queen's Wrath Spider Queen's Wrath

Duration: Until Long rest

Tactician Difficulty:

  • Creature is enraged! Gains an additional attack per turn. Strength is increased by 2 and has Resistance to physical damage.

How to learn

Used by creatures: Phase Spider Matriarch