Suspension of Muddy Goo

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Suspension of Muddy Goo image

Suspension of Muddy Goo is an Alchemical Extraction made by refining three Mud Mephit Wings. Can be combined with any Sublimate to create Elixir of Poison Resistance.

Description Icon.png
Nothing but a watery sludge remains of what was once a mephit's wing. Still, its elemental magic lingers.


  • Alchemical Extracts
  • Single Use
  • Rarity: Common
  •  Weight: 0.1 kg / 0.2 lb
  • Price: 13 gp
  • UID ALCH_Extract_MudMephitWing
    UUID 081204a7-83e3-4d8d-8609-cb70008d8736


The name of the ingredient is not exactly the same as the extract.