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Typo[edit source]

There's a typo in the Gameplay section: "Die roll" should be "Dice roll" (This not not actually correct, die is the correct singular word: (Modern, more common, usage would suggest that it is (or more accurately can be) correct:

Die is not used by Larian Studios that I have been able to find. Die is primarily a thing still in American grammar, but not so much elsewhere. IMO, dice would be most appropriate for this wiki based on the references in the game. - Addela's 2 cents

Companion link image[edit source]

This is more of a suggestion than a problem, but I'd propose not using Jaheira's picture for the companion link, as she can be somewhat of a surprise the new players. If pressed I'd propose either Wyll, Shadowheart, Gale or Astarion instead.