Seismic Strike

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Seismic Strike.webp

Seismic Strike is an Action unique to the Earth Elemental.


Bring down your arms like stone slabs, smashing nearby creatures, pushing them back 3m / 10ft, and making them wobble on Trembling Legs Trembling Legs.


D6 Bludgeoning.png 4d6 (4~24) Damage TypesBludgeoning damage
 Range: Self
AoE: 4 m / 13 ft (Radius)
DEX Save (Spell save DC) (On Save: Targets still take half damage.)

Condition: Trembling Legs

Trembling Legs Trembling Legs

Duration: 3 turns

Spell save DC  Constitution saving throw

  • Affected entity is still wobbling on unsteady leags. Its movement speed is reduced by 2.5m / 8.3ft, and its Dexterity is reduced by 1.

How to learn

Used by creatures: Earth Elemental