Movement Speed

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Movement Speed is a Resource that determines how far you can move each turn.

Movement Speed can be affected by certain Actions, Races, Class Features, and Feats.

  • Most races have a base movement speed of 9m / 30ft; Dwarves, Halflings, and Gnomes have a base movement speed of 8m / 25ft; Wood Elves and Wood Half-Elves have a base movement speed of 11m / 35ft.
  • The Action Dash Icon.png Dash Action Icon.png Action can double your movement speed.
  • Class Features:
    • Rogues receive the class feature Cunning Action Dash Icon 2.png Cunning Action: Dash at Level 2, which can double their movement speed as a Bonus Action Icon.png Bonus Action.
    • Barbarians receive the class feature Fast Movement Icon.png Fast Movement at Level 5, which increases their movement speed by 1.5m / 5ft while not wearing Heavy Armour.
  • The Mobile Feat increases your movement speed by 3m / 10ft.
  • Movement speed is reduced by areas of Difficult Terrain.