A Coven of Hags

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This action creates illusory copies of Auntie Ethel around the arena, while shrouding the original in Invisibility,


You'll never find your Auntie Ethel.


Recharge: Per battle

How to learn

Used by creatures: Auntie Ethel


  • Summons between two and five copies of Auntie Ethel. All "Ethels" obtain the condition Hag's Trickery Hag's Trickery. The original Ethel's location is randomized as well.
  • Auntie Ethel will lose all conditions other than Hag's Trickery Hag's Trickery and gain Invisible Invisible for 2 turns.
  • An illusory copy of Ethel disappears after a single instance of damage. The original Ethel will only lose Hag's Trickery Hag's Trickery. Any undamaged illusory copies will continue to exist after the original Ethel has been discovered.