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Auntie Ethel is a fussy trader of potions, lotions, quirks, and sundries who can be first encountered in The Hollow of the Emerald Grove. Later, she will return to her home at the Riverside Teahouse in the Sunlit Wetlands.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Act One[edit | edit source]

In the Druid Grove[edit | edit source]

Auntie Ethel can be found in the The Hollow in the Emerald Grove, peddling "Potions and Lotions" to the Tiefling refugees. She's able to spot that something is off with the party and invites them to visit her at her home, the Riverside Teahouse.

  • While in the Emerald Grove she is also a trader. If the party reaches the Sunlit Wetlands, Auntie Ethel moves from the Emerald and will appear in the Wetlands, and then eventually at the Teahouse.
  • If interacting with Pandirna in the storage house next to the Emerald Grove jail, she will tell the party that Auntie Ethel gave her a potion to make her "strong and brave as a bugbear," but it left her paralyzed instead. Following this interaction, Auntie Ethel will no longer be at her hut in the Emerald Grove.
  • If successfully pickpocketed while in the Emerald Grove she will exclaim "Blast it all! I'm going home." and leave the area. This will also happen if she is attacked. She then heads home to the Riverside Teahouse.

In the Sunlit Wetlands[edit | edit source]

When the player first enters the Sunlit Wetlands from the east, they will find Johl and his brother Demir asking Auntie Ethel where their sister Mayrina is, and accusing Ethel of having taken her.

The player can talk with the group to gain more information about the situation, learning that Mayrina disappeared and the last person to see her was Ethel. Throughout the encounter, Demir is pleading with her while she insists that she's blameless, but willing to help them look for her.

Eventually, the player will be forced to take sides in the conversation. If they decide to side with Auntie Ethel, Demir and Johl will accuse you of working with her and attack. If they don't side with Ethel, she will chastise them and disappear in a burst of magic. The player can then talk to the two brothers and attempt to convince them not to follow her into the swamp.

In the Riverside Teahouse[edit | edit source]

When the party arrives at this location, Auntie Ethel can be found forcing Mayrina to eat. If the party takes Ethel up on her offer for help, she will attempt to remove the Tadpole before stopping and declaring the Tadpole modified by ancient Netherese magic. The price for her help is to give up an eye to her, which she refuses to reverse despite failing to cure the party.

Allowing Auntie Ethel to take the eye of the player character changes the appearance of one chosen eye of them and gives them Paid the Price Paid the Price. It's not possible to take this deal if Volo has already replaced one of the eyes or if Wyll is chosen as origin.

If the party takes her up on her offer, initiates combat, or attempts to infiltrate down into her lair, the Overgrown Tunnel, Auntie Ethel will reveal her true form: that of a Hag.

Act Three[edit | edit source]

In the Blushing Mermaid[edit | edit source]

Even if killed in Act One, Auntie Ethel will reappear in her Hag form during the Help the Hag Survivors, Avenge the Hag Survivors, and Save Vanra questlines. She can be found posing as Captain Grisly in The Blushing Mermaid in Lower City. Her lair is located under this tavern and can be infiltrated through the basement.

It is revealed that she is functionally unkillable while her life force is invested in her magic mushrooms, which is how she survived being killed during Act One. If killed previously, she's more hostile with the party, preventing the party from demanding a counter-offer to leave her alone. This does not prevent her from being acquired as an Ally for Gather Your Allies if Lora is killed and Auntie Ethel is left alone, however.

It is recommended to begin the Save Vanra quest by speaking with Lora prior to completing the Hag Survivors questlines and defeating the Hag. Failure to get this quest from Lora directly, even if Vanra is saved, will lock the party out of its quest rewards.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Main article: Auntie Ethel/Combat

Related Quests[edit | edit source]

Shop[edit | edit source]

Notable Items Sold[edit | edit source]

The following items are restocked after a long rest:

Trade Icon.png Auntie Ethel's shop contains the following items:

Standard stock

Auntie Ethel always has these items to sell, sweetcheeks.

Item Quantity Chance
Potion of Invisibility 1 Always
Potion of Healing 4 Always
Potion of Greater Healing 1 Always
Water 5 Always
Elixir of Hill Giant Strength 3 Always
Corellon's Grace 1 Always
Gold [1] 200 - 1350 Always
  1. Gold for a normal trader from levels 1 to 6

Alchemy table

Auntie Ethel will roll five or six times on this table. [1]

Item Quantity Chance
Autumncrocus 1 1/8
Balsam 1 1/8
Belladonna 1 1/8
Daggerroot 1 1/8
Mergrass 1 1/8
Mugwort 1 1/8
Weavemoss 1 1/8
Wispweed 1 1/8
  1. This table is very similar to the Herb Supply Table, but is not leveled, contains Weavemoss, and every entry has the same weight.

Mushroom table

Rolls 2-5 times on the Rare Mushroom Table. The average roll on the Rare Mushroom Supply Table is 3.4 mushrooms.

Chance 1/52/51/51/5
Item Quantity Chance
Level 1 - 5
Acorn Truffle 1 Always
Level 6+
Acorn Truffle 1 1/4
Tongue of Madness 1 1/4
Nightlight Frond 1 1/4
Swarming Toadstool 1 1/4

Supplies table

Rolls one or two times on the Tiny Supply Table. Worth 5.0 Camp Supplies on average.

Chance 3/52/5
Item Quantity Chance
Food Supply Table 2 1 1/5
Food Supply Table 3 1 2/5
Food Supply Table 4 1 2/5

Notable loot (Act 1)[edit | edit source]

Notable loot (Act 3)[edit | edit source]

Speak with Dead[edit | edit source]

If killed, Ethel's body can be spoken to using Speak with Dead. Ethel is quite unique in that her Speak with Dead dialogue changes depending on whether she still has the Tarnished Charm on her corpse when talking to her. Unlike most corpses, she will be willing (if angry) to speak to her killer.

With Tarnished Charm[edit | edit source]

*A charm on the hag's body flashes a faint glow.*

  • Auntie Ethel: ARGH. You knuckle-dragging gobshite.
Auntie Ethel: You will bleed - you will choke on your own guts for this. (if the caster is Ethel's killer)
  • Auntie Ethel: ARGH. Where is the knuckle-dragging gobshite that killed me? (if the caster is not Ethel's killer)
  • Party member: You're quite lively for a corpse.
  • Auntie Ethel: I'm a hag, you little snot - you think I didn't plan for this? Death and I are old friends.
Auntie Ethel: But I won't be a corpse forever - that I can bloody promise you.
  • Party member: Tell me the truth - what did you want with Mayrina?
  • Auntie Ethel: I didn't want the girl, sweetie. I wanted her babe.
Auntie Ethel: I would have gobbled it up and given birth to my very own hag daughter.
Auntie Ethel: From my guts she would've come - my blood, my bile. It would have been glorious.
  • Party member: Does being dead bother you? (if the caster is not Ethel's killer)
  • Auntie Ethel: You think this is the first time? I've found my way back before, and I will again.
Auntie Ethel: And then I will make the cretin beg, plead, weep for what will always be denied...
Auntie Ethel: ...The sweet release of death.
  • Party member: You're dead and I'm not. Deal with it. (if the caster is Ethel's killer)
  • Auntie Ethel: For now.
  • Party member: Why are you so cruel?
  • Auntie Ethel: Please. It's you lot who come to me. All you do is want - to be prettier, to be richer, to be loved.
Auntie Ethel: People are their own worst enemies, petal. I just let them see it.
  • Party member: What deal did you make with Mayrina? (note:
  • Auntie Ethel: The brat's husband is dead. So sad.
Auntie Ethel: She wanted me to bring him back to life. Little fool thought it would fix everything.
  • Party member: Do you have any regrets? (if the caster is not Ethel's killer)
  • Auntie Ethel: Only one.
Auntie Ethel: And you'll never know.
  • Party member: Do you have any regrets? (if the caster is Ethel's killer)
  • Auntie Ethel: Only that I don't get to see the flesh melt from your bones, your guts dissolve, and your brain liquefy as you turn into a mind flayer.
Auntie Ethel: You'll weep, you'll beg, you'll plead - anything to make it stop. And once you stand tall, proud and tentacled?
Auntie Ethel: You'll butcher your friends and your loved ones LIKE THE ILLITHID SCUM YOU ARE.

Without Tarnished Charm[edit | edit source]

Auntie Ethel: Bleed... choke on... your guts... (if the caster is Ethel's killer)

Auntie Ethel: Kill them... kill them... all... (if the caster is not Ethel's killer)

  • Party member: Why did you want Mayrina?
  • Auntie Ethel: Didn't want... the girl... wanted her... babe.
Auntie Ethel: ... was going to... eat it... and make a... hag daughter...
  • Party member: Are you the only hag around here?
  • Auntie Ethel: Where there's people... there's... hags.
  • Party member: Where do you keep your valuables?
  • Auntie Ethel: In my... workroom...
  • Party member: Why are you so cruel?
  • Auntie Ethel: Not me... that's cruel. It's... people.
Auntie Ethel: They want... and want... and want. I merely... give.

Gallery[edit | edit source]