Blackguard set

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The Blackguard equipment is a set of armour themed around Oathbreaker Paladins.

Armour[edit | edit source]

To break one's oath is a dangerous game - it marks you as a faithless cur, an exile without a cause. The armour is tempered by an age of rocks, blades, and persecution turned against it - and is buffed by the immutable, unbindable will of its wearer.
For some paladins, the iron-clad grip that an oath holds can be too much to bear. When these champions fail and falter, their hands that would guide turn cold, hard, and piercing.
Clad on the desiccated feet of a death knight, these boots have walked a long and terrible path. They strode through the tattered remains of their owner's oath. With every heavy footstep, they have sounded pure fear into the hearts of men.

Other[edit | edit source]

Formerly wielded by one who forsook all ties of friendship and kindness, this sword is rife with deranged energies. It seems to transmit feelings of contentment when carving through bones.
Where once this shield would protect the rallying forces of good - now it pushes them back, crushing them against their allies until they pop.