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Enrage is a Wild Shape: Owlbear Wild Shape: Owlbear action that gives a temporary boost to your Strength, Constitution, and hit points.


Give in to the owlbear's base instincts to increase your Strength and Constitution by 2, gain HP Icon.png 12 temporary hit points, and possibly make nearby creatures Fearful Fearful.

This enraged state will end early if the temporary hit points are lost.


Bonus action + Rage Charge
AoE: 4 m / 13 ft (Radius)
CON Save (DC 17)

Condition: Owlbear's Rage (Wildshape)

Owlbear's Rage Owlbear's Rage

Duration: 3 turns

Condition: Fearful

Fearful Fearful

Duration: 1 turn

DC 17  Constitution saving throw

  • Has Disadvantage Icon.png Disadvantage on Ability Checks and Attack rolls.
  • It must run from the source of its fear and cannot take any additional actions.
  • Targets can make a Saving throw to shake off this effect if they end their turn out of sight from their source of fear.

How to learn

Used by creatures: Wild Shape: Owlbear


  • The in-game tooltip does not accurately describe this ability. It says: "Give in to the owlbear's base instincts to increase your Strength by 2 and possibly make nearby creatures Fearful Fearful."
  • When wild shaping into an owlbear, you gain 3 Rage charges to spend on Enrage.
  • Allies can also be affected by the fear effect if they are in range.