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Resources are expendable units in Baldur's Gate 3 that determine what a creature is able to do at any given time, as well as how long they must wait before they are able to do it again.

Depleted resources must recharge in order for them to be used again. Resources always recharge on taking a long rest, but some also recharge on taking a short rest, or at the beginning of the creature's turn.

A resource that recharges at the start of the turn, when used outside turn-based mode or combat, will recharge almost immediately after use. If used to initiate or enter combat, it will not recharge at the start of your turn [note 1].

All creatures have a set of common resources available to them, and most other resources are gained along with the actions or features that use them.

Common resources[edit | edit source]

All creatures have access to a set of resources which are used to take actions and move, and which recharge at the start of a creature's turn.

Actions[edit | edit source]

Main article: Actions

Most actions require the acting creature to expend one or more resources, usually at least one of the three common resources associated with actions:

Recharge: turn (1 action)
Primary combat resource
Bonus action
Recharge: turn (1 bonus action)
Secondary combat resource
Recharge: turn (1 reaction)
Used to take reactions

By default creatures only have one charge per turn for each of these three resources, but there are multiple ways of gaining additional charges.

Some actions, such as those that grant additional Action resources, do not require any common resources to be expended.

Bonus Action[edit | edit source]

Some actions, frequently referred to as bonus actions, require a Bonus Action to be expended when taken.

Some class features allow a creature to take specific actions which normally require an action by expending a bonus action instead. For example the Rogue class’s "Cunning Action" features allows a character to Dash, Disengage or Hide as a bonus action.

Additionally, a few actions require both an Action and a Bonus action to be expended when they are taken. This typically represents doing two things simultaneously, for example making a physical attack while casting a spell to enhance it (as with Searing Smite Searing Smite and other smite spells).

Reaction[edit | edit source]

Main article: Actions#Reactions

The Reaction resource is expended by creatures when taking reactions, which are actions that a creature is prompted to take in response to certain triggers, either on their own turn or another creature's.

Some reactions do not require a creature to expend a Reaction. These are usually class features that are triggered under specific circumstances, often as part of making an attack, such as when a rogue is prompted to make a Sneak Attack or when a paladin is prompted to use Divine Smite.

Movement speed[edit | edit source]

Movement speed determines how far a creature can move on its turn, on a 1:1 ratio.

A creature's race determines whether their default movement speed is slow, normal or fast:

  • Slow: 7.5 m / 25 ft
  • Normal: 9 m / 30 ft
  • Fast: 10.5 m / 35 ft

Most playable races have normal movement speed, but dwarves, halflings and gnomes have slow movement speed, whereas wood elves and wood half-elves have fast movement speed.

Some conditions temporarily increase or decrease a creature's movement speed, and all creatures can Dash to double their movement speed for that turn. There are also multiple ways of increasing movement speed, both temporarily and permanently.

Spell slots[edit | edit source]

Main article: Spells#Spell slots

Spell slots are expended by casters to cast spells they know. Each spell slot also has a level which determines what level of spells it can be expended to cast.

Spell slots come in two variants:

Spell slots
Recharge: long rest (spell levels 1-6)
Casters with the Spellcasting feature expend spell slots to cast any spells they know.
2 Level 1 Warlock Spell Slots.png Warlock spell slots
Recharge: short rest (spell levels 1-5)
Expended by warlocks to cast any spells they know. Warlock spell slots are all the same level, and any spells casted by expending them are upcast accordingly..

Spell slots, provided they are the right level, can be expended to cast any spells the caster knows, no matter the source.

Lists of class feature resources[edit | edit source]

Recharge on long rest[edit | edit source]

Arcane Recovery Charges
"The number and level of spell slots the Arcane Recovery action can restore. You cannot restore spell slots above 5th level."
Used and aquired by Wizards. You get 1-6 charges.
"'Through stirring words and music, bards can inspire allies or augment their own attacks."
Used and aquired by Bards. Exists as D6 Physical.pngd6, D8 Physical.pngd8 and D10 Physical.pngd10 variants. At bard level 5 they recharge on short rests. You get 3-5 charges.
"Point used to cast Fungal Infestation, raising zombies from a humanoid or beast corpse."
Used and aquired by Circle of the Spores Druids. You get 4 charges.
Lay on Hands Charges
"Used to cast Lay on Hands."
Used and aquired by Paladins. You get 3-5 charges.
"The number and level of spell slots the Natural Recovery action feature can restore."
Used and aquired by Circle of the Land Druids. You get 1 charge that becomes more powerful for each druid level.
Rage Charges
"The number of times you can enter a Rage."
Used and aquired by Barbarians. You get 2-5 charges
Sorcery Points
"Sorcery Points are an important facet of a sorcerer's power. They can be spent to augment spells or access higher level spell slots."
Used and aquired by Sorcerers. You can use them for Metamagic and Create Spell Slot Create Spell Slot. You get 2-12 points. You can also create more with Create Sorcery Points Create Sorcery Points.
War Priest Charges
"Point used to gain an extra attack as a bonus action."
Used and aquired by War Domain Clerics. You get 3-6 charges.

Recharge on short rest[edit | edit source]

"The number of times you can channel your divine powers."
Used and aquired by Clerics. You get 1-2 charges.
Channel Oath Charges
"The number of times you can draw upon the strength of your Oath to power your actions."
Used and aquired by Paladins. You get 1 charge.
"Superiority dice are spent to empower Battle Master manoeuvres, improving proficiency in combat."
Used and aquired by Battle Master Fighters and the Martial Adept Martial Adept feat. Exists as D8 Physical.pngd8 and D10 Physical.pngd10 variants. You get 4-5 from Battle Master and 1 from Martial Adept.
Ki Points
"Ki is the magic that flows trough all living beings. You can use Ki Points to fuel your advanced monk techniques"
Used and aquired by Monks. You get 2-13 points. Can be restored with Harmony of Fire and Water Harmony of Fire and Water and Wholeness of Body Wholeness of Body.
Tides of Chaos Charges
"Wheter or not you can use your Tides of Chaos."
Used and aquired by Wild Magic Sorcerers. This resource does not display over your hotbar. You get 1 charge.
Wild Shape Charges
"The number of times you can use your Wild Shape"
Used and aquired by Druids. You get 2 charges.

Other resources[edit | edit source]

Luck Points
Recharge: Long rest
"You have an inexplicable luck that seems to kick in at just the right moment. You can use your Luck Points to gain Advantage, or force an enemy to redo their roll."
Used and aquired by the Lucky Lucky feat. You get 3 points.
Shadow Spell Slots
Recharge: Long rest
Gale Origin has the option to unlock a level 3 shadow spell slot. Shadow spell slots can only be used when you don't have any other spell slots. They can be used to cast both normal and warlock spells.
Eyestalk Action
Recharge: Turn
"Used to cast Beholder Rays"
Resource exclusive to the Spectator Spectator enemy. They have 2.

Hidden resources[edit | edit source]

These are resources that are used in-game but are not visible anywhere.

Sneak Attack Charges
Recharge: Turn
Used and aquired by Rogues. You get 1 charge.
Legendary Resistance Charges
Recharge: Turn
Used and aquired by some bosses in-game for the Legendary Resistance actions.

Unused resources[edit | edit source]

These are resources that are in the game files and can be accessed via third-party tools, but have no use in-game.

Astral Manipulation Point
Recharge: Turn
"Point allows you to use Astral Manipulate spells."
Acquired by the "Loosened Gravity" condition. This condition can only be accessed via third-party tools, and it supposed to give you the "Astral Manipulation" action together with the Astral Manipulation Point. The "Astral Manipulation" action is referred to in the game files but does not exist. Attempting to use this resource will crash your game.
Hit Dice
Recharge: Long rest
"Hit points represent how much damage you can take before you are Downed."
Used by the class action Regain Hit Points Regain Hit Points. This action is not accessible in-game without third-party tools and using it will result in your game crashing.
Ritual Point
Recharge: Long rest
"Ritual points let you cast certain spells without expending a spell slot. They can be used outside of Turn-Based mode and combat."
This resource is restored every long rest, but can not be obtained without third-party tools and has no use.
Weapon Action Point
Recharge: Short rest
"The number of weapon actions you can use per short rest."
This resource is restored every short rest, but can not be obtained without third-party tools and has no use.

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Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. This is called "disable free first strikes" and can be turned off in Custom mode.