Gossamer Tomb

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Gossamer Tomb is a legendary action available to the Phase Spider Matriarch in Honour mode that lets her entomb a creature attacking her spiderlings once per round, thanks to her passive feature Legendary Action: Gossamer Tomb.


Entomb a creature that attacks your offspring with an Infested Infested glob of web.

Unless removed with Fire or Acid damage, this glob of web will eventually explode, dealing 8d10Damage TypesPoison to the entombed creature.


D10 Poison.png 8d10 (8~80) Damage TypesPoison damage
 Range: 30 m / {{{range ft}}} ft
DEX Save (Spell save DC)

Condition: Gossamer Tomb

Gossamer Tomb Gossamer Tomb

Duration: 3 turns

Spell save DC  Dexterity saving throw

  • This creature is entombed in Infested Infested spider silk, and cannot move or take actions. Unless the silk is removed with Damage TypesAcid or Damage TypesFire damage, it will explode, dealing 8d10Damage TypesPoison to the entombed creature.

Condition: Infested

Infested Infested

Duration: 4 turns

  • Crawling with tiny spiders that deal 1d4 Piercing damage and 1d4 Poison damage each turn.
  • When hit with a melee attack, the infestation spreads to the attacker. Upon death, the infestation spreads to all nearby creatures.
  • Removed by Damage TypesFire or Damage TypesAcid damage.
  • Doesn't harm ettercaps or spiders.
  • At the start of your turn, you can make a new Saving Throw to try and remove the infection.

How to learn

Used by creatures: Phase Spider Matriarch