Jake's Encyclopedia of Eels

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Jake's Encyclopedia of Eels is a common Book. It's a tome on the topic of eels authored by Jake.

Loosely bound, uneven pages hang out of this book. The script is uneven, and seems to be written in whatever colour ink the author had at the time.

Where to Find

Can be found in one of the bedrooms at Waukeen's Rest.


Foreword: 'No one wants to read about eels', eh? You stuck-up Candlekeep gits can keep your books on 'magic' and 'demons' and 'celestial bodies'. People are practical folk and they want to read practical things. Can't make a pie outta stars, can you? No. Eels is important.

Right. Let's get one thing straight: giant lightning eels? Not technically eels. They look like 'em, sure, and everyone calls 'em eels, but the shape of the head? The bone structure? You can't tell me that's the same as a Giant Moray.

Now, where can you catch eels? Bloody everywhere! From Neverwinter to Elturel to Calimport - you can find an eel. But where do they breed? And how? Well, you probably heard the stories that they're just snakes that learned to swim, or they're baby leviathans, or they're Underdark spies, but that's all bunkum. They breed in the Sea of Moonshae, I'm sure, and then swim all over Faerûn. And if those pricks in Candlekeep'd give me the money to sail there, I'd be able to prove it!

But no. They're too busy studying demon puzzle boxes and mumbling 'bout whatever Alaundo said years ago. Bet Al couldn't tie a good fishing knot for nothing...

[The book carries on like this for several pages, before finally returning to the topic of eels.]

Properties[edit source]

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  • Rarity Icon.png Rarity: Common
  • Weight Icon.png Weight: 0.5 kg / 1.1 lb
  • Gold Icon.png Price: 14  gp