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Books are readable items in Baldur's Gate 3. Reading them might start or update Quests or trigger a cutscene. Most of them provide world or character lore.

In addition, other forms of written material can be found at:

  • Notes provides for a list of letters and notes in the game.
  • Category:Books provides a comprehensive list of written material found in game.

Story Item[edit | edit source]

Flora of the DalelandsFlora of the Dalelands
Flumph Mating RitualsFlumph Mating Rituals
Hide-Bound JournalHide-Bound Journal
Highcliff's BlueprintsHighcliff's Blueprints
On AntidotesOn Antidotes
Necromancy of ThayNecromancy of Thay
The Great Furnace of GrymforgeThe Great Furnace of Grymforge

Legendary[edit | edit source]

Caution Before the SeelieCaution Before the Seelie
The Annals of KarsusThe Annals of Karsus
The Red Knight's Final StratagemThe Red Knight's Final Stratagem
The Tharchiate CodexThe Tharchiate Codex

Common[edit | edit source]



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Other[edit | edit source]

These items are not treated as books by the game, and have a different functionality.