Logbook of Sendings

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Logbook of Sendings contains messages sent between Jarrus and Morna.

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An ancient record detailing correspondence between Selûnite priests.


  • Books
  • Rarity: Common
  •  Weight: 0.5 kg / 1 lb
  • Price: 14 gp

Where to find


[Marked as reference material for the temple archive, this logbook contains transcripts of magical sendings from the temple to the depths below. This record seems to be an exchange dating from near the temple's foundation.]

Jarrus—enough foolishness. A new temple with settlers to guide, and you'd rather scrabble in the dark below? We're clerics of Selûne - act like it.

- M

Morna—the Lady lights the way. What is this Underdark but a path her Light hasn't touched yet? Come: we can debate theology in the new chapel.

- J

New chapel?! Those materials were meant for the temple proper, not your playground down there. What am I to tell the House of the Moon?

- M

Tell them to start packing! There are caverns down here to dwarf the Inner Cathedral. The builders are almost done, and so we go deeper.

- J

Enough, Initiate! The Underdark is no place for games. Those are novices with you, not Silverstars. Return. Immediately.

- M

Initiate, don't ignore me. I know you took ample components for a sending. Respond.

- M


- M

M—Fortified what we can, but wards won't last. Seal the tunnel, and do not follow. You were right. This place belongs to them.

- J

Jarrus—Hold fast. Whatever it is, I'm sending reinforcements. Just hold on.

- M

No. No more death. Ordered novices to collapse tunnel. You'd be proud of them. Forgive me—we only meant to spread her Light.

- Jarrus, High Initiate in the Lady's Light