Longsword Mould

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Longsword Mould image

Longsword Mould is a common Miscellaneous Item. It is required to forge an Adamantine Longsword in The Adamantine Forge.

Description Icon.png
Even in its bare outline, the longsword looks both regal and powerful.


  • Miscellaneous Items
  • Rarity: Common
  • Weight: 10 kg / 20 lb
  • Price: 1 gp


Can be used to shape a unique piece of equipment. The mould seems tailored for use at a particular forge.

Where to find

The Longsword Mould is found in Grymforge, high above the central chamber on an overhanging metal bridge X: -626 Y: 406. This bridge can be reached by heading to the northmost area of Grymforge and taking a set of stairs leading to the top level.