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Miscellaneous are various Items you can collect during your journey. They may be Valuables worth looting for sale to traders, or important items that may move the story forward, or have other uses.*

* There are thousands of distinct items in the game which can be picked up. Many of these are of little value, and have no practical use.

Valuables[edit | edit source]

Valuables are Miscellaneous Items, with a Weight to Gold ratio that makes them particularly appealing for looting. They can be used for bartering, or selling to Traders that can be found in various Locations throughout the world.

Currency[edit | edit source]

Gold coins are the main currency of the game. Despite the existence of a bartering system, coins are still valuable items due to being able to be used in dialogues and due to their extremely low weight (0,001kg/0,002lb per gold piece) which allows the player to carry around a lot of value at once without being overburdened with weight.

Gold Pile Large Item Image.png Gold

Ingots[edit | edit source]

Ingots are a type of Valuable that can be found in various locations in the game. Due to the lack of a crafting system in game, these items are only useful for bartering or selling to Traders.

Bronze IngotBronze Ingot
Silver IngotSilver Ingot
Gold IngotGold Ingot

Gemstones[edit | edit source]

Gemstones are a type of Valuable that can be found in various locations in the game. They have negligible weight while also being worth a lot of gold and thus are very useful for bartering or selling to Traders.

Keepsake GemKeepsake Gem
Purple Fluorite ShardPurple Fluorite Shard
Topaz (Gemstone)Topaz (Gemstone)

Paintings[edit | edit source]

Often quite Valuable, and relatively lightweight. They have an implied aesthetic function, and are of no practical use to the player. Unlike many other Valuable items, Paintings are usually quite rare and in some cases have only a single appearance in the game and are often references.

Forgotten TempleForgotten Temple
Grass HouseGrass House
Maid with DusterMaid with Duster
Oval Framed Elven EminenceOval Framed Elven Eminence
Painting of a Noble Before His DeathPainting of a Noble Before His Death
Painting of a Smiling MaidenPainting of a Smiling Maiden
Painting Portrait B Item Icon.png Painting of an Elegant Noble
Portrait of a Snowy-BrownbeardPortrait of a Snowy-Brownbeard
Portrait of the Red PrincePortrait of the Red Prince
Portrait of a WomanPortrait of a Woman
Valley with BrookValley with Brook

Valuable Clutter[edit | edit source]

Miscellaneous Valuables. They have an implied aesthetic function, and are of no practical use to the player. Their value, despite being more modest than other Valuables still makes them useful for bartering or selling to Traders.

Bowl (Valuable)Bowl (Valuable)
Broken LuteBroken Lute
Bronze ChaliceBronze Chalice
Bronze GobletBronze Goblet
Bundle of IncenseBundle of Incense
Glass GobletGlass Goblet
Glass RetortGlass Retort
Round FlaskRound Flask
Separatory FunnelSeparatory Funnel
Silver Cake StandSilver Cake Stand
Silver ChaliceSilver Chalice
Silver ForkSilver Fork
Silver GlassSilver Glass
Silver GobletSilver Goblet
Silver KnifeSilver Knife
Silver PlateSilver Plate
Silver SpoonSilver Spoon
Silver TraySilver Tray

Story Items[edit | edit source]

Miscellaneous Items which are Quest specific or further the plot of the story.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Unlike Ingots, these do have a known use in crafting.

Mithral OreMithral Ore

Miscellaneous Story Items[edit | edit source]

The Blade of Frontiers' Eye
Infernal IronInfernal Iron
Mysterious Artefact
Nere's HeadNere's Head
File:Sussur Tree Bark Item Icon.pngSussur Tree Bark

Keys[edit | edit source]

Any Items that allow the player to 'Unlock' objects. Some of these are essential for the completion of certain quests. Many share the same name.

Containers[edit | edit source]

Miscellaneous Items that can have other Items removed from, or placed, within them.

Bags and Pouches[edit | edit source]

Lightweight containers, suitable for use in a character's inventory.

Chests[edit | edit source]

Chests or chest analogues.

Cargo and Clutter[edit | edit source]

Barrels, crates, vases etc.

Other[edit | edit source]

Unusual or unique containers.

Story Containers[edit | edit source]

Containers of Story Item rarity. Many of these are default containers that a new character starts with, and may have special properties relating to looting and storage.

Other Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Miscellaneous Items that do not fit in any of the above categories.

Clutter[edit | edit source]

The following have no practical use or are of little to no value.

Consumables[edit | edit source]

Items that can be consumed, but are not considered Camp Supplies, and unlike conventional Consumables have no clearly beneficial use.

Interactive[edit | edit source]

Items that are not story items, but have an external effect, such as altering the environment, or triggering dialogue choices.

File:Carafe of Water Item Icon.pngCarafe of Water
Heavy StoneHeavy Stone
Idol of SharIdol of Shar
Music Box

Readable[edit | edit source]

See the Books page for a list of books and other readable lore Items.

Notable[edit | edit source]

Items of little monetary value, or practical use, that are still notable in some way.