On Weapon Coatings

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On Weapon Coatings defines the effects of various coatings. It is written by Haskinn Xhesilaphin.

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Part 10 of the Basics of Alchemy series by Haskinn Xhesilaphin, a descaled dragonborn who lived a life of difficult pain and commendable selflessness.


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  • Price: 14 gp
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Group of adventurers approached me, their grins docile and earnest, and they needed my knowledge on alchemy to help them differentiate between weapon coatings - they claimed to be giant hunters. Taking pity on these well-meaning morons, I explained the -

[This section of the page has been ruined beyond salvage. Annotated in the margin, someone has thoughtfully made the following note:]

Poisons - poison the target and sometimes inflict an additional condition

Toxins - deal damage over time

Oils - these inflict conditions and can harm creatures that are immune to poisons and toxins.

When in doubt with alchemy

Just recall the rule of three

Three good twists is all it takes

To grind a magpie into flakes

That felt good. I've really come to loathe that bastardly rhyme of mine. I'll leave it untouched in previous chapters, but from now on I'm having a bit of fun with it.