Slayer (class action)

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For the creature, see Slayer.

Slayer Class Action.webp

Slayer is an action that allows a creature to transform into the Slayer form. It is only available to especially dedicated Bhaalspawn.


Manifest your savage compulsions and assume your sinuously deadly Slayer form. Your Slayer form has HP Icon.png 98 hit points (increases to 153 hit points at level 10).

Whilst in Slayer form, you can't talk or cast spells.

When your beast form drops to 0 Hit Points, you revert to your normal form.


Bonus action
 Range: Self
Recharge: Long rest

Condition: Slayer Form

Slayer Form Slayer Form
  • Affected entity has embraced its savage compulsions, allowing it to assume its Slayer form.

How to learn

Used by creatures: Orin, and The Dark Urge


At level 10 and above, the Slayer has 153 hit points instead of 98 and 25 strength instead of 20.