Taking the Groves Off the Table

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Taking the Groves Off the Table describes Ketheric Thorm's plan to infiltrate and infect the Shadow Druids to eliminate the druids of the Emerald Enclave, including one of its chapters, Emerald Grove.

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This book is redolent with the enticing smell of paper and ink.


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  • Rarity: Common
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Dictated to Scribe Yanthus by General Ketheric

Druids, meddling and mettlesome - I have a history with them that makes me wary of underestimating them. They will certainly not welcome the rise of the Absolute in their vicinity and could become significant obstacles if we don't find a way to take them out of play.

I speak here, for starters, of the Emerald Grove and of the Cloakwood Circle. They cannot easily be defeated without a signficant diversion of resources, but they can, perhaps, be neutralised from within.

Druids, by their very nature - do not smile, Yanthus - value the balance of natural forces over the welfare of humanity in general, and in the extreme this is expressed by the faction historically knowns as the Shadow Druids, who favour complete separation of the circles from what they regard as the ills of civilisation.

We shall identify the current leaders of the Shadow Druids, cultivate them with gifts while intimidating them with threats, and encourage them to see that the wisest and most prudent course is for the druid circles to stand neutral as the army of the Absolute marches on the blighted cities of the civilised.

Disciple Z'rell shall select an appropriate agent to parley with the Shadow Druid leaders. Eventually, all shall be infected with tadpoles.


  • Ketheric Thorm is wary of druids as they helped to siege Reithwin, the battle in which he died