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Current as of patch 2 the spell seems to be bugged. If you cast the spell on a character their main hand weapon will emit light as intened and last until your next long rest or until you cast Light on another object. However if you cast the spell on an item that is dropped on the ground (ie: drop your helm, cast light on it and then equip it) it will emit light but only lasts for 20 turns. Not sure if this is actually a bug or if it is working as intended and why there would be a difference.

Duration[edit source]

When cast on an object that isn't carried by a character, it's duration only seems to be 20 turns

Until long rest ?[edit source]

When I cast the light spell on an object on the ground (like my armor) it only lasts 20 turns. From what I read, it used to last until long rest before, but I figure this was a stealth change in patch 4. It's not listed in the published patch notes in any case.