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The True Mind is a unique item found in the Mind Flayer Colony in Act Two.

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A humanoid brain - alive and in perfect condition - suspended in cerebrospinal fluid.


Where to find

Found in front of the Mind-Archive Interface in the Necrotic Laboratory within the Mind Flayer Colony.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

When placed on the Mind-Archive Interface within the Mind Flayer Colony, the Slack-Skinned Head will speak.

  • Every day he comes. Every day for three days, to ask me how I feel.
  • I want to tell, but... I am confused. Which... which day is it?

Reply "It's the first day."

  • The first, yes! Five days since he put that thing in my eye, but the first day he came to visit.
  • He says I am the last. That the other subjects have all changed.

Reply "It's the second day."

  • Eye hurts. Head hurts. But he says I am past the worst of it—that I won't change like the others.
  • He's given me a place of honour, so he can repeat his miracle. And a name:
  • 'True Soul.'

Reply "It's the third day."

  • She whispers in my mind. She sings.
  • Praise the Absolute.

Reply "Tell me about these others."

  • Separate cells—I never saw them. But when they changed...

Reply "Who is this 'he' you're talking about?"

  • We are his pets. His plan.
  • Lord Gortash.