Volo's Ersatz Eye (passive feature)

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Volos Ersatz Eye Icon.png

Volo's Ersatz Eye is a passive feature which gives a character the condition See Invisibility, after they have undergone surgery from Volo.


The damage wrought upon your ocular nerve during Volo's experiment is undone, allowing you to see Invisible Invisible creatures.

Condition: See Invisibility

See Invisibility See Invisibility

How to learn

Other ways to learn:

  • Agree to Volo's surgery during Acts One or Two.


  • The condition may appear to disappear and immediately return when doing a variety of things, such as swapping equipped items or taking a short rest. This does not seem to cause any problems.
  • Unlike other companions, Wyll cannot agree to Volo's operation and thus can't receive the feature.