Old Schoolbook

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Old Schoolbook image

Old Schoolbook contains student attendance records. It is written by an unknown author.

Description Icon.png
A weather-worn and faded school attendance book.


  • Books
  • Rarity: Common
  •  Weight: 0.5 kg / 1 lb
  • Price: 14 gp

Where to find


[A school's attendance log fills the ancient pages. As the pages and days progress, more and more pupils' names vanish from the entries. In urgent script, a note in the margin states that someone has to investigate what's become of the missing children and their families.]


  • This is one of several items that triggers a special cutscene for Shadowheart in the Blighted Village. You need to read the book for it to happen.
    • The design of the book in the cutscene is different from its in-game design.
  • Related to 'Missing' Poster