The Shattered Seldarine

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The Shattered Seldarine describes Lolth's betrayal to the Drow and the ensuing war between Eilistraee and Lolth followers. The book was written by priests of Eilistraee.

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A finely-bound tome of black leather, inscribed with silver ink.


  • Books
  • Rarity: Common
  •  Weight: 0.5 kg / 1 lb
  • Price: 14 gp
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Where to find

  • Can be stolen from Blurg's shop in Ebonlake GrottoX: 109 Y: -88. Prior to Patch 6, attempting to read this book would allow the player to purchase it; now the book can be read for free, but will not show up in his available wares.
  • Sold by Nansi Gretta


[An excerpt from The Shattered Seldarine, produced by the Silverhair Knights for distribution in Eilistraee's temples.]

While some modern philosophers blame the fall of our people on infighting, Lolth's betrayal cannot be understated. Yes, it was the drow's choice to believe her lie that Corellon Larethian had turned from us, but they did not try and dissuade our ancestors of that belief, now did they? Corellon's silence was a betrayal too.

Records show that few comprehended the depths of Lolth's evil intentions. To be stolen from our homeland and have our bloodline split asunder was something only the most sadistic would agree to - those cruel heralds became her first cultists. They sowed her seeds into the very foundations of Menzoberranzan, and that city has produced wicked fruit ever since.

At the time of this writing, we remain at war. The drow are not simply divided in two - we are fractured entirely, split along as many allegiances as we have cities. There are far too many brave and kind warriors putting blades to each other's throats.

The Underdark has changed us for good, but perhaps when Lolth falls, the Seldarine faithful will be welcome in Corellon's halls again. At least Eilistraee is kind enough to share our exile and watch over us until that day comes.