Bhaal's Power Word Kill Ritual

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Power Word Kill is a Level 9 Enchantment Spell. This spell kills an enemy.


Rasp a word of power, compelling an enemy with 100 hit points or fewer to forfeit its meager existence and die instantly


Range: 101 m / 333 ft

Condition: Ritual Chant: Bhaal's Power Word Kill

Ritual Chant: Bhaal's Power Word Kill Ritual Chant: Bhaal's Power Word Kill
Duration: 5 turns
  • As part of the challenge to enter the temple, the Farslayer has begun chanting. It can cast Bhaal's Power Word Kill once its profane ritual ends. Exiting the Farslayer's chanting range of 183ft / 55m makes its enemies invulnerable to the effect. Slaying the Farslayer stops the ritual and wins the conflict.

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This spell is only available to Farslayer of Bhaal Ghislev

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