Bloodguzzler Garb

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Bloodguzzler Garb Icon.png

The Bloodguzzler Garb is a rare piece of Clothing that grants its wearer Wrath while greatly injured.

No sooner does blood speck the armour than it's absorbed, as if sustaining something within.

Where to Find

Dropped by the Bulette in the Underdark.

Properties[edit source]

  • Clothing
    • Required Proficiency: None
    • Armour Class Armour Class: 10 (Clothing grants no inherent AC bonus)
  • Rarity Icon.png Rarity: Rare
  • Weight Icon.png Weight: 1.8 kg / 3.6 lb
  • Gold Icon.png Price: 240  gp


The wearer of this item gains:

  • Last Stand: During combat, when the wearer starts their turn with 50% Hit Points or less, they gain Wrath for 1 turn.