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Concentrated Blast

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Concentrated Blast is an Action and Illithid Power. This ability deals 3d6Damage TypesPsychic damage to an enemy, but can only be cast by a character who is concentrating on another spell. If the target is also concentrating on a spell, the caster is healed for an amount equal to the damage dealt. When this ability is used, whatever spell the caster was concentrating on will end.


You must be concentrating on another spell to cast this. If the target was concentrating, you heal as much as the damage that was dealt to it.

The spell you were concentrating on will end.


D6 Psychic.png 3d6 (3~18) Damage TypesPsychic damage
D6 Healing.png 3d6 (3~18) hit points (conditional)
 Range: 9 m / 30 ft
Recharge: Per Turn

How to learn

Used by creatures: Illithid, and Partial-Illithid

Other ways to learn:


  • The caster must have an active Concentration Concentration spell
  • Ends the caster's active Concentration Concentration spell when cast
  • On a successful hit, if the target was concentrating on a spell itself, heals the caster for an amount equal to the damage dealt to the target. If the target wasn't concentrating on a spell, only damage is dealt but no healing received.