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Concentration is a game mechanic used in spellcasting. Spells with the Concentration Concentration tag require the caster to continuously put focus into the spell in order to maintain its effects.

Caster needs to focus on maintaining this spell. They can only cast 1 concentration spell at a time, and their concentration might be broken when they take damage.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Most spells with a duration require the caster to concentrate to maintain the spell's effects for the full duration. These spells have the Concentration Concentration in their description. If concentration on a spell is broken, the spell's effects are ended immediately.

A caster can only concentrate on a single spell at a time, which is automatic and immediate – casters automatically begin concentrating on spells that require it.

Ending concentration[edit | edit source]

Concentration icon in the hotbar. Clicking "X" will end concentration.

Uninterrupted, concentration lasts for the spell's full duration.[note 1] Otherwise, concentration can be broken under the following circumstances:

Concentration can be manually interrupted at any time via the x on the concentrated spell's icon, next to the caster's main portrait.
Casting another concentration spell
If a caster casts a spell that requires concentration while already concentrating on a spell, concentration on the first spell is broken, and its effects ended.
Taking damage
When a caster is concentrating on a spell and takes damage, they attempt a Constitution save against a DC equal to half the damage taken, or 10, whichever is higher. If the save fails, concentration ends.[note 2]
Some conditions also break concentration, without allowing a save:

List of concentration spells[edit | edit source]

Cantrips[edit | edit source]

1st level spells[edit | edit source]

2nd level spells[edit | edit source]

3rd level spells[edit | edit source]

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Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. Since taking a long rests will end most spells, it also effectively breaks concentration.
  2. Since the save to maintain concentration is a Constitution saving throw, it benefits from proficiency with and advantage on Constitution saves.