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Healing is the process of restoring lost hit points to a creature.

Healing can never restore more hit points than a creature's hit point maximum, and cannot restore temporary hit points. Player characters are generally only able to heal their party members and allies, not hostile or neutral creatures.

Most healing effects use a dice roll, similar to a damage roll, to determine how many hit points are restored; for example the spell Cure Wounds Cure Wounds cast at level 1 restores 1d8hit points + the caster's spellcasting ability modifier. More rarely an effect may heal a fixed amount, like the spell Heal Heal.

Any amount of healing removes the Downed Downed or Bleeding conditions, and many sources of healing also have other beneficial effects; for example healing potions also remove the Burning condition when drunk, and some healing spells also remove diseases.

Sources of healing[edit | edit source]

For a comprehensive list, see the Sources of healing category.

There are many ways to heal creatures:

  • Resting - a short rest will restore hit points to each party member equal to half of their maximum, while a long rest will restore all of the party's hit points if you have enough Camp Supplies, or restore them to half their maximum hit points without the supplies.
  • Healing spells - there are many spells which restore hit points, mostly available to the Cleric, Druid and Bard classes, and (less so) Paladins and Rangers. Most healing spells can target an ally or the caster.
  • Healing potions - these are frequently for sale from vendors and found as loot, and can be crafted via Alchemy. Rarer versions restore more hit points. A character can drink one to heal themselves, or throw one to heal creatures in a small area of effect.
  • Class features - many classes and subclasses have features that can heal themselves (like the Fighter's Second Wind Second Wind) or others (like the Paladin's Lay on Hands Lay on Hands).
  • Creature actions - some creatures have inherent healing abilities, such as the Water Myrmidon's Healing Vapours Healing Vapours.
  • Some magic items provide healing, usually through granting access to a healing spell or improving the character's existing ability to heal. Some rare items may automatically heal the bearer in certain circumstances.
  • Some conditions, especially those provided by buff spells, improve healing from other sources, and in rare cases provide some healing each turn they are active.