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The user interface for choosing a die design

A die design (or "dice skin") is a choosable cosmetic appearance for the twenty-sided dice used in die rolls. The design is seen on the animated dice used for Ability Checks (and sometimes Saving Throws) initiated by player actions, like dialogue choices or lockpicking. The active design can be changed from the Ability Check overlay via a setting in the bottom left corner. The skin chosen is for the player, rather than per save or character, but can be changed at any time.

Core designs[edit | edit source]

These die designs are available to all players on all platforms.

  • Scuffed Metal - the default design
  • Behir Blue - made available to all players in Hotfix #3

Unlockable designs[edit | edit source]

These die designs are available to all players, but only when certain conditions are fulfilled.

  • Shining Honour - reward for completing the game in Honour Mode (added in Patch #5)

Exclusive designs[edit | edit source]

These die designs are only available with certain versions of the game.

  • The Digital Deluxe Upgrade includes an additional design which is unique to the platform the player bought it on:
    • Dragonflame Red - PC exclusive
    • Prismatic Spray - PS5 exclusive
    • Xanathar's Barter - XBox exclusive
  • Illithid Purple - available only to players who purchased the Physical Collector's Edition
  • Dice of Hope and Despair - Danganronpa-themed design (with Monokuma motif) available only to players who pre-ordered the PS5 version in Japan by December 20, 2023[url 1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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