Fables of Faerûn II: The Daring Duergar

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Fables of Faerûn II: The Daring Duergar image

Fables of Faerûn II: The Daring Duergar is a common Book. It's part of a collection on fables of Faerûn.

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One of a series of thin tomes illustrating simple lessons to readers of all ages.


  • Books
  • Rarity: Common
  •  Weight: 0.5 kg / 1 lb
  • Price: 14 gp
  • UID BOOK_GEN_FablesofFaerun2
    UUID a4f87897-1d2b-41da-9b51-8f403df53bb8

Where to find

  • In the Blighted Village, on a bookshelf of the room where the trolls are. X: 5 Y: 366


In the deep city of Gracklstugh lived a young duergar named Shull, who could conjure eerie whispers in his brothers' minds. Eager to develop his psionic powers and take over his clan, he asked the Godfather who could teach him further.<br><br>'Cross the Darklake. On the south shore there is a chasm', said the Godfather. 'Within the chasm lives a rogue mind flayer called Ir. It will teach you all you must know.'

Shull's voyage was fraught with danger. He fended off aboleths and cloakers alike until he reached the mind flayer's chasm. Ir emerged from its hovel, tentacles writhing.

'I am here to learn', Shull told it.

'Very well', came the response.

On the first moon's passing, Ir taught Shull how to read minds. On the second, it taught Shull how to bend them. But this was not enough for Shull. He wanted to destroy minds with a mere word.

'So be it', said Ir, and it bestowed a blessing on Shull. 'It is yours - the knowledge to shatter a single mind. But you may only speak the command once', Ir told Shull, 'for then it is forever forgotten'.

Ready to assume control of his clan, Shull returned to Gracklstugh.

'Show me what you have learned', the Godfather told Shull.

Shull grinned, spoke the command - and his own skull shattered before the Godfather's eyes.

Said the Godfather, 'The lesson is complete'.