Finger of Death

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Finger of Death is a level 7 necromancy spell. It is only available to Apostle of Myrkul after it consumes a Necromite and has the condition Reaper's Reward Reaper's Reward. It cannot be learned by players and is only used by NPCs.


Point at a foe to cause searing pain.


D8 Necrotic.png 7d8 + 30 (37~86) Damage Types Necrotic damage
CON Save (On Save: Targets still take half damage.)
Range: 30 m / 100 ft

At higher levels

Casting this spell at a higher level grants no additional benefit.

How to learn

Used by creatures: Apostle of Myrkul


  • This spell can't be learned by a playable character. It is only available to Apostle of Myrkul.
  • As of Patch 6, this lvl 7 spell is no longer a cantrip.

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