Ki Restoration (Greater)

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Ki Restoration is a class action that allows the wearer to restore Ki Points up to their martial arts die value.


Using the spiritual energy in the amulet, you restore a number of Ki Points equal to your martial arts die. [See Notes]


 Range: Self
Recharge: Long rest

How to learn

Granted by items:


  • Unlike the lesser version, this version of Ki Restoration restores a random number of Ki Points up to the maximum your martial arts die can roll:
    • A level 1 to 2 Monk (martial arts die of 1d4) restores 1~4 Ki Points
    • A level 3 to 8 Monk (martial arts die of 1d6) restores 1~6 Ki Points
    • A level 9 or higher Monk (martial arts die of 1d8) restores 1~8 Ki Points
  • This action is called simply 'Ki Restoration' ingame.
  • See also: Ki Restoration (Lesser) Ki Restoration (Lesser), the weaker version of Ki Restoration granted by the cursed amulet, Sentient Amulet (Rare).